The Banjara’s came from the Middle East

96 DNA-tests of the Banjara-people (Lamani-Lambadi) in Southern India, points towards a Middle Eastern origin.  4 out of 10 DNA-tests conducted south of Gadag in Karnataka, also display a Jewish connection. 2 of them to the tribe of Levi (Levites). 29063265_575598339466469_8320361841544921088_n

Figure 1. A and B. In a privately initiated DNA-test of 10 Banjara menn in 2017, there are 24 links and matches to the Jewish World. The test was conducted of 10 DNA Banjara men around the village of Gadag in the state of Karnataka in India. 4 of the 10 persons have a connection to Jewish DNA realtives, and one man alone have 18 of them. 2 men have linkes to Levites (the tribe of Levi). (Y- 37 test, 12-markers matches and 12 markers minus 1,with Family Tree DNA, Houston, Texas).

Thie used DNA-testing lab is located in Houston, Texas, USA.

Figure 2. A Scientific DNA-test of 86 Banjaras  (Lambadis) in Andra Pradesh in 2003, done by scientists, display the ancient Middle East origin.

This figure and report is available on the Internet.

The Genetic Heritage of the Earliest Settlers Persists Both in Indian Tribal and Caste Populations.

 Source: US National Library of medicine National Institutes of Health (2003)

Use the key-word “Lambadi”, and you find this information and figures. Here is the link to the US-report.

 Figure 3. Comparing photos of Banjara’s and the Kuchi tribes in Ghor province in Afghanistan, display a common origin. (hairstyle, dress code, colors, use of coins, etc). The origin of the word “Lamani” is Lavan, which means “salt”. The Lamanis were up to the British occupation of India, traders in salt. The Bible has an interesting covenant of salt, which is linked to ancient Israel.

This book display photos that proves the stricking similarities between the Kutchi tribes in Afghanistan and the Banjaras in India. You can order this book from

Figure 4. The Banjaras use Judaic symbols like the Menorah and the Star of David.

A Banjara female south of Gadag wearing rings made of Israeli coins.
This professor confirms that the ring-coin, was not just a strange coincident

Figure 5. Words in the Gormati (Lambadi) language, like “Labar” is likely a version of the Old Testament word “Laban”. The meaning is “a liar, a cheater”. The laws and regulations of the Banjara’s have a lot of similarities with the Mosaic Law.


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